So, I recently decided to take the gloves off and begin posting more of my thoughts on the world. Still, there are limitations to what I can share on this or any other social media platform. Furthermore, regardless of what I post, I’m not a racist, bigot, or hater of any group of people. In fact, over the past seven years, I’ve learned to be empathetic with those individuals who have been manipulated into believing that God and Conservative Values are enemies.

My Thoughts This Morning:

The National Education Association wants to change the word Mother to Birthing Parent. You may not think this matters, but it does. This, of course, is simply more liberal woke BS. The woke BS agenda to destroy our children and our families will go to any length to achieve their goals—one step (and word) at a time.

I see it every day, and it will continue until we begin cutting the cancerous tumors from positions of power throughout this nation. This includes political positions such as the current White House Administration and places of trust and authority held by those who seek to erode all family values.

Our Future

From what I’ve seen, with each generation, the evil in this nation is doubled. We’re now in the Endgame, and if it continues to double, we will not come back short of an all-out battle. This, of course, is what the future holds.

We’re dealing with a 24/7, never-sleeping machine, and it began a long time ago. I’ve been watching it work since I was a child. For those who are just now beginning to wake up to what’s going on, you’re already surrounded by an infrastructure of corruption with an unholy agenda. If you haven’t already, I suggest you look past the mainstream liberal fake-news media and begin seeking out the truth.

Joseph Shanklin

July 12, 2022

One thought on “Mother Or Birthing Parent

  1. We are in the battle already, WW3 only a war of words, not gun, tanks and planes. In fact we follow a timeline after the pattern of WW2 only 80 years ago. I write about this.

    In the USA you also follow a timeline 160 years ago in the ACW. It is rather fascinating.

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