This Morning

I remember the CNN of old, particularly during Operation Desert Storm in 1991. Like much of the world, a large portion of my free time was spent glued to the television, watching Anderson Cooper and the bombing highlights. It was the first we were able to watch war live on television.

I was still in The Army Reserve, so I didn’t know whether I’d be called upon to serve in the Gulf. Out on the base, all of our equipment had been painted Dessert Camo instead of Green Camo. My new wife and even newer baby girl were hoping Papa would stay in Denver.

Over the past 30 years, I’ve watched CNN slowly circling the drain, ultimately taking the plunge into the toilet, never to be seen again. What used to be a respectable organization has sold out and transformed into something else entirely.

It’s no secret that CNN’s ratings have gone to shit over the years. The reasons are well beyond obvious. I can’t imagine anyone not being able to see past the BS. They’re now just another liberal mainstream media fake-news organization pushing lies and manipulation. Sadly, they’ve taken several (formally) respectable newscasters, with them. I’m confident in the fact that none of them regret their actions. That’s what selling out is all about—taking the money as opposed to keeping one’s integrity and honor. I highly doubt CNN or anyone associated with CNN will ever regain their integrity or honor.

Joseph Shanklin

July 15, 2022

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