Democrats across the country have been working to defund Police Departments. Cities like Austin and New York have reduced and reallocated Police Budgets. The results have been an increase in crime that cannot be denied. Democratic Mayors have yet to acknowledge the problem even exists.

Interesting, the same people who want to defund The Police are the first to call 911 when they need Police Protection. The first to call Police when anyone decides to protest against their agendas. In fact, I’m confident these fools would be rounded up, folded up, and promptly disposed of if not for the protection of Law Enforcement. After all, that’s what we do with waste; we bag it up and place it on the curb.

I’m not calling all democrats Waste, but I am calling anyone ignorant enough to want to defund Law Enforcement ‘Waste.’ Anyone with children should know how important it is to maintain a safe environment. What kind of parent would want to abolish The Police? Maybe we need to abolish shitty parents?

If you’re considering becoming a criminal, this would be the best time to make a change. Why? Well, few criminals are going to jail. In cities like New York, a small percentage of criminals commit a large portion of violent crimes. If, by chance, they’re picked up, they will almost certainly be released back to the street so they can move on to their next victim. Sadly, all of the victims aren’t shitty parents.

Whenever we do have a Mass Shooting, it always seems to be a school or something similar with helpless innocent victims. Why can’t the shooter go to the facebook corporate office, particularly where their lying-ass fact-checkers work? Nobody would miss them.

Joseph Shanklin

August 5, 2022

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