For centuries, the Dam has been eroding. Beneath the surface, dark forces have worked tirelessly to seek out and exploit any and all possible structural weaknesses. Fueled by an agenda of madness, time and pressure have been fashioned into a weapon. The enemy will never lay down it’s sword.

The city beneath the towering structure is beautiful. Glistening towers stand with pride; golden tributes to the immense power looming both above, and deep below the surface.

For those who live within the shadow of the Dam, life goes on; business as usual. With each generation, pride and entitlement have spread like cancer. The cities population cannot see the truth. Driven to distraction by the desire to escape the reality of their situation, they look to the mirror; searching for a higher power.

Downstream, a modest city lives along the mighty river—the people within work tirelessly, aware of the coming disaster. Neither torch in hand nor glittering gold can blind their eyes to what’s coming. Soon, the city will empty, denying the flood of mind, body, and soul.

Joseph Shanklin

April 26, 2022

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