Recently, I read an article in which the writer referred to our planet as “fragile.” Yes, the life forms on this planet are fragile, but the planet is ancient. The planet is a survivor. The planet is not fragile. When I think about the future of mankind, I think about plate tectonics and the slow but inevitable recycling of the planet’s surface—one plate diving beneath another—creating an endless number of earthquakes from energy being stored and released.

The planet will be fine. Eventually, we [people] are going away, but the planet will survive whatever the human race may conjure and conceive. Not unlike a skin rash, the planet will easily recover from any and all irritation inflicted by humans. We are not in control of anything.

For anyone thinking they’re going to “save the planet!” That’s flipping funny! You can’t even save yourself from the planet.

P.S. Side track. Nature is beautiful and full of mystery, but it’s not something to be worshipped. The Earth is not God. God is God. There’s only one God. God is in control. Have a nice day.

Joseph Shanklin

October, 2022

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