The old man peered out from beneath the fluffy pink comforter and whispered, “where am I?” Something about the Tinkerbell sheets looked familiar, but the rest of the bedroom was foreign, even alien. Fear gripped his mind, tightening his chest and filled his diaper with pee.

Scared out of mind, he pulled the Disney blankets over his head and thought about the dream that had snapped him from his noon nap just moments before.

“What a nightmare! Who was I talking to on the phone,” he whispered in a raspy voice?

The old man adjusted his soiled Diaper and answered himself, “it was that scary man again. That man from Texas who keeps telling me to go fuck myself!”

A barrage of tattered memories filled joe biden’s small and scattered brain. Memories such as ‘why did these mean people force me to pretend I have Covid? Who’s going to change my diaper this time? Is my wife still sleeping with the pool boy? Why can’t I sleep with the pool boy? Why have I worn a diaper as long as I can remember? Can I cheat again on the next election?”

The sound of a door opening brought the old man’s conversation of one to a standstill. He heard, “Mr . . . Ummm . . . President, are you awake?”

The fool beneath the Disney blankets stared at the doorway and didn’t answer.

Once again, a man’s voice from the doorway, “hey joe, it’s time to get up and work on the project.”

Feeling rather impatient and squishy in his poopy diaper, biden responded, “project, which projects this time, Jack?”

“I told you name’s not Jack, joe!”

“Okay, what project, Jaaa . . . ,” biden’s words trailed. “Hey, what happened to Mr. President? Who do you think you are, the Governor of Texas?”

Thinking [this fucking assclown], he replied, “No, if I were the Governor of Texas, I’d be working very hard to stop our project.”

“I remember now. We’re doing everything we can to increase human trafficking, Covid, drug trafficking, terrorism, and Our Fruity Little Club’s favorite, child trafficking. All of this by leaving the border completely open!”

“And, let’s not forget. Utterly destroying the American People and the economy.”

[Now, the rest of the facts]

Pictured: Illegal border crossings from Mexico into Texas. Texas is on track to receive 2,000,000 illegal immigrants from Mexico this fiscal year. More than 200,000 people are illegally crossing each month.

Nobody is tested for Covid or anything else. No background checks, or search for drugs such as fentanyl.

Joseph Shanklin

July 27, 2022

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