For Generations, the Dam has been deteriorating. Beneath the surface, dark forces have worked incessantly. Every conceivable weakness has been manipulated and exploited. Nobody has been spared. Fueled by an agenda of madness, time and pressure have been weaponized into something that is never silent, never sleeping, always speaking, and forever casting its craft upon a willing population.

The city beneath the prophetic structure is beautiful. Two identical towers stand with pride; golden tributes to the immense power loom above and deep below the reflective surface. Ripples cannot be found on this pond.

For those who live within the shadow of the Dam, life goes on; business as usual. Generation by Generation, Pride and Entitlement has spread like cancer. The city’s inhabitants cannot see nor desire to know the truth. Driven to distraction by the hunger to escape the reality of their situation, they look to the mirror, searching for a higher power. Illumination will not save them.

Downstream, beyond the reach of the madness, a modest city can be found. Enlightened and informed of the coming disaster, the people within work tirelessly. Neither torch in hand nor glittering gold can blind their eyes to the inevitable. Soon, the city must empty, denying the flood of mind, body, and soul.

Joseph Shanklin

(1) April 26, 2022 / (2) August 21, 2022

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