Quite a few years ago, I arrived at a theory. I realized that no matter how much I learned over the course of one year, I felt as though I hadn’t made any progress. Still, I would always look back and think, “wow, I didn’t know much last year!”

I believe the more we know, the less we know. And, why is that? I’ll try and explain.

Let’s say someone initiates a new class. They’re given a textbook. Before the end of day one, they’ve been introduced to an entirely new field of study, and the individual now possess a small sliver of knowledge. As the student prepares to close the book and wrap things up, he or she gives into temptation. What have they done? Peeked ahead, of course. The student flips through every chapter of the heavy book. Within a few heartbeats, feelings of accomplishment are pushed aside and replaced with those of fear, as an uneasy student learns the hard truth. They . . . don’t . . . know . . . shit . . . and until this moment hadn’t known just how much they didn’t know.

Acquiring knowledge reveals our lack of knowledge. The more we know, the less we know.

Joseph Shanklin

March 13, 2022

3 thoughts on “The More You Know, The Less You Know: Explained

  1. Hi Joe! Absolutely spot-on and the bottom-line truth! Both my parents would say that occasionally when I was growing up, and I just laughed; but as I lived my life I definitely got the point and knew or finally understood what they were saying; and now you so nicely remind of this fact that I don’t know diddlysquat!

    Thanks for this metaphorical kick in the ass today; which I can use just like anyone else to be honest!

    Have a good night and a great week!
    God bless you and yours!

    Brother in Christ Jesus,

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      1. Hey thanks Joe! Please do the same and thank you for that! You got me thinking on that other comment so I just sent that longer explanation just now! About what I didn’t know about people out on the net as well as I thought I did or should have! Slow but sure I’m realizing I need to decipher more carefully before being too friendly with some! I think I have tried to be a Good influence and advocate to help a few people but that always backfires on me for sure! After-all I’m on the net and what can I do!
        I have to pass more often for now! But that posting of yours got me really thinking well!
        God bless my Friend!🙏
        Brother in Christ Jesus,

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