When I think of a high-profile racist, I picture joe biden. Fewer politicians have been more racist than this clown. At the Asian and Latino Coalition in Iowa, biden said, “poor kids are just as smart as white kids.” Here’s the video link.


I’ve seen dozens of examples of biden, The Master of Racism, demonstrating such behavior. If he’s dumb enough to speak his mind in front of a camera accidentally, imagine how this fool behaves in private. And he has the nerve to point his dirty finger at others and label them as a racist. This is what they do. Manipulate the masses and project their defects onto someone else.

Racism, of course, is being used by those in power to divide this nation and turn the population against each other. I didn’t write this for that reason. I wrote this to show the truth. It’s true, joe biden, the man accusing Conservatives of being racists, is, in fact, a racist pile of horse shit. He’s a liar and so much worse. When I look at him and listen to his words, I see . . . well . . . an evil pos suffering from dementia.

Joseph Shanklin

September 1, 2022

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