Inspired by a blog I follow, I’ve decided to launch a boat into the Bermuda Triangle. For those who remember Gilligan’s Island and the SS Minnow, the boat’s name will be the SS Swamp Minnow.

And, for those familiar with the reigning members of our nation’s swamp, I’ll be forcing several swamp clowns into crew positions. Leading the way, of course, will be joe biden. Sleepytime will be assigned: captain swamp clown. Alongside captain swamp clown: barrack obama, hillary clinton, nancy pelosi, kamala harris, aoc, and anthony fauci’s whining troll ass, as well.

The SS Swamp Minnow will immediately set sail for the Bermuda Triangle, never to be seen again. My expectations: the crew will become lost within hours, begin to starve, and eat each other. The last clown standing, probably hillary clinton, will plead for the devil to save her to no avail since he’s already purchased her soul, and she has absolutely nothing left to bargain with. In the end, she will beg for Gods help. Hmmmmmmm . . . I can’t say. It’s up to him.

Joseph Shanklin

October, 2022

4 thoughts on “The SS Swamp Minnow Sails Into The Bermuda Triangle Never To Be Seen Again

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