This isn’t a short piece, but it does share an ugly truth about our world. This information is important!

Apparently, I’m a patient and quality listener, especially when the topic revolves around questionable topics others my find . . . well . . . questionable. So, when a friend of mine began telling me the government was crop dusting the entire population, I decided to listen and give him 15 minutes. And why not, he seemed so damn serious. I wouldn’t be exaggerating to say my buddy had worked himself up to a state of anger and rage. He’d invested a lot of time in research, but the man’s life was obviously consumed by what many had labeled as conspiracy theories. You know, conspiring to conspire.

More than anything, my friend wanted me to believe him. I explained, I draw my conclusions from the truth. I establish the truth from what’s real, keeping my feet firmly planted at all times. Please don’t misunderstand; I won’t hesitate to give my stamp of approval and sign off on something many wouldn’t, but only because I’ve seen and experienced the evidence. That said, patience and debunking are critical. I refuse to allow my mind to go straight to the Fantastic, and Paranormal.

For example, if I see a strange light in the sky, that’s what it isβ€”a mysterious light. I may label this light as an unidentified flying object if its demonstrating flight, but I cannot label the light as alien or anything else from anywhere else besides Earth. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve heard someone call something an alien craft, ghost, or demonic entity without doing any work whatsoever to validate their claims. I see such behavior as reckless and . . . well . . . sometimes people just want a good story for the campfire.

Fifteen years ago, this particular buddy of mine invested too much time into a questionable subject. At the time, Geoengineering of The Atmosphere was being labeled as Conspiracy Theory, and the term [Chemtrails] had only recently been established. Anyone attempting to validate [Chemtrails] was labeled as paranoid or possibly a nutcase. This includes scientists and any politician brave enough to threaten to speak out against the establishment. I had only recently given validation to Chemtrails when John Wheeler was murdered. At the time, the logical explanation was not complicated. He was killed to prevent the unveiling of several secrets. Even though I believe the government has the right to keep secrets, these, in particular pissed me off. I’ve calmed down since then.

On December 31, 2010, John P. Wheeler’s body was found in a landfill in Wilmington, Delaware. The man’s death was ruled a homicide, a result of blunt force trauma. He was a top US Official, including a distinguished military career and a position on George Bush’s Staff. Some say he’d planned on becoming a whistleblower. There’s more to the story, of course. I’ve included a link below. Although, if you search his name, hundreds of hits can be found. Lots of opinions and possibilities.

When my friend began explaining the dangers of Chemtrails to me, I couldn’t help but listen. Why? Because I’d already started questioning the strange clouds forming over the city of Denver, Colorado. Odd clouds crisscrossed back and forth over the entire countryside, obviously created by the high-flying jets spraying something in the atmosphere. Even before my extensive reading and research, I knew something was wrong. Jet contrails don’t remain behind, slowly spreading over the sky like a white blanket. After weeks of reading and watching, I concluded that my buddy was correct. The entire world was being sprayed with metal. Aluminum, by the way, causes Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Once it passes the brain barrier, it’s nearly impossible to remove. I strongly recommend everyone do an aluminum detox. It’s not difficult to find the procedures. I must add this: if governments are going to such lengths to spray the globe day and night. Yes, I’ve seen planes crisscrossing by the moonlight. Well, there must be an important reason behind everything.

I’ve seen the pattern. A heatwave arrives. High temperatures are followed by a series of planes spraying and zigzagging across the sky. A white cloud forms from one horizon to another, and the temperatures begin to drop.

Back in Denver, I saw snowfall that didn’t look like any snow I’d ever seen. Not flakes but tiny white pellets that tasted like chemicals. There are reports of snow flakes that are not only odd but flammable.

The government no longer denies ‘Geoengineering of The Atmosphere’. The skies are being filled with Aluminum, Barium, and Strontium. Why? Because, used correctly, these metals reflect sunlight back to space, reducing the amount of Solar Radiation reaching the Earth. The chemical patents are on file and cannot be denied. There are planes built specifically for spraying, and there are chemical formula blends created specifically for adding to passenger jet fuel. Several years ago, while still living in Denver, I observed something disturbing in the sky over the city. A group of planes created a perfect pentagram over the metro area. In fact, it was nearly directly over my home. I still have the pics somewhere. 😊

Joseph Shanklin

August 28, 2022

11 thoughts on “Geoengineering of The Atmosphere, No Longer Denied By The Government

  1. Wow, this is a very shocking blog post, my friend.

    What you say somebody somewhere obviously doesn’t want me to read because as soon as I clicked on your post the first time it said “No internet”.

    That always happens to me just before I read a blog post giving an extremely plausible explanation of what the New World Order is doing.

    If it’s obviously a totally false and nutcase inspired blog post on what the New World Order is doing, no such message No Internet appears.

    Somebody wants to discourage me from reading such articles.

    Of course as soon as I click on the link a 2nd time, the post appears.

    So thanks to whoever is giving me advice on what blog posts I should pay attention to by having the message No Internet appear on when I click on the link the first rime.

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    1. that’s interesting…I’ve had that happen a few times myself. I have made the comment, mostly joking, that somebody doesn’t want me to see something. Now, I will be thinking differently…

      I’ll have to look up the aluminum detox…it’s weird that you mention the chem trails now, only because for the last several months I haven’t really been seeing any. At least not like I used to…and I have been watching the skies.

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      1. I don’t know, but I don’t see as many planes flying over as I used to. Used to see them all the time. Dulles and BWI aren’t too far away, and we’re on the flight path, depending on where they’re going or coming from.

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  2. Very good to bring this to attention. I’ve known about chemtrails for a long time, and take a photo whenever they occur around here. They are definitely not normal jet contrails. I also think (not sure) that after they appear over an area there is some kind of outbreak or illness that happens to people. Thanks for the post and the photos. πŸ™‚

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