Happy Thanksgiving

The United States takes today off from work and school in order to Thank God. It's essential for Americans to Thank God for our Basic Freedoms. Without God and our Founding Fathers, we wouldn't have the freedoms and opportunities we have today. Although, I cannot help but wonder what our Founding Fathers would think of … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving

The Tomato Plant [Extended Version]

For this piece, I used two characters from my novel, but it's not an excerpt. It was inspired by an actual tomato plant in a large hanging cage. Similar to the one shown . . . but bigger and . . . well . . . slightly demonic looking. The Tomato Plant As promised to … Continue reading The Tomato Plant [Extended Version]

Election Day For Americans

Well, today is the day for Mid-term Elections. We, the American People, must decide whether or not we are happy with how things have gone for the past two years. I'm speaking of The Economy, Jobs, Unemployment, Border Security, Attempting To Force A Vaccination Passport, Afghanistan Withdrawal, Gas Prices, and so much more. There truly … Continue reading Election Day For Americans

Grand Floridian Hotel, Disney World [2016 Child Death Tragedy]

In 2016, a 2-year-old boy was taken by an alligator at the Grand Floridian Hotel in Disney World. Sadly, the authorities didn't recover the body. Instead, an alligator witch-hunt followed, resulting in the hunting and killing of approximately 300 alligators. There is a small fence now preventing children from entering the water and being dragged … Continue reading Grand Floridian Hotel, Disney World [2016 Child Death Tragedy]

Spending Time At Hogwarts [More Pics Added]

Sadly, I had to wait until I was over 50, but I've officially visited the School of Hogwarts. No, not as a student but as a teacher. The school has tirelessly requested my assistance for years, but my busy schedule hasn't allowed me to visit. Finally, let the advanced education begin! 😊🤣😂 Happy Halloween Joseph … Continue reading Spending Time At Hogwarts [More Pics Added]