The US/American Border is littered with dead bodies. Small children wander alone, left behind by smugglers after receiving payment from their families to bring them into the states. Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in drugs cross the border each week. Fentanyl, manufactured in China, is smuggled in effortlessly. Border Crime, including Home Break-ins, has increased throughout Border Towns. Law Enforcement Officers are committing suicide. Diseases, including COVID-19 and Whooping Cough, continue to travel with Illegal Aliens because obviously nobody is being tested.

Here’s the deal. Because all of this is happening, the biden administration wants it to happen. The biden administration is aware of the issues. All of these things could be stopped if the border were secure, but biden is a criminal and doesn’t care about the United States. At the end of the day, biden is guilty of treason and should spend the remainder of his days, short as they are, in a Federal Prison without the Possibility of Parole.

Joseph Shanklin

January 2, 2022

8 thoughts on “5,000,000 Illegals Have Crossed The US Southern Border During The Biden Administration

      1. I have joined many groups that are trying to spread awareness about the dangers of fentanyl. It is now in all kinds of drugs that are sold on the streets, even marijuana. The fallout from all the deaths daily is incredible, yet nothing is done.

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