As I’ve already posted, 5,000,000 illegal aliens have invaded the United States during the biden administration’s first two years. No testing for disease ECT.

How difficult would it be to sneak thousands of undercover foreign soldiers or terrorists into the United States at this time? During the biden / harris administration, anything is possible. Moving them into positions like pawns on a chessboard throughout the nation wouldn’t be difficult.

When clowns seize power, the nation falls apart. Two more years is too long to allow this idiot to remain in office.

Joseph Shanklin

January 10, 2023

3 thoughts on “The Dangerous Possibilities When 5,000,000 Illegal Aliens Cross Our Border

  1. Not good! If only we did not have so many problems as homelessness and drugs. Law and order— order and law every time. We can look around us and see that we are under the authority of our God who has set us within a system of order— kingdoms and phylums, things of every kind in their own positioning. Peace and blessings!

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