Attempting gun control, Illinois has become the ninth state to ban Assault Weapons and High-capacity Magazines. At least 74 Sheriff’s Departments have vowed not to enforce the Unconstitutional move by Illinois’s Governor. Side Note: Whenever the media begins to talk about gun control, the nation experiences record-setting firearm and ammo sales. In other words, attempts at illegal gun control equal increased revenue for gun manufacturers. I have to laugh.

Here’s a link to one article.

Joseph Shanklin

January, 2023

7 thoughts on “At Least 74 Illinois Sheriff’s Departments Vow To Defy States Assault Weapons Ban

  1. It’s interesting to see where this goes. I don’t think we as citizens need assault rifles. The military definitely does, and probably police need them. But we definitely need to keep them out of the hands of young kids.

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    1. Regardless of what happens with assault rifles, parents need to educate their children if they’re going to own firearms. When kids are taught the dangers of guns, how to use them, and respect them, accidents are rare. When they’re locked away and kids go searching for them and find them without any education to keep them safe when it happens, I believe that’s when tragedy strikes. 😢

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