I want to take a few minutes to say “Good Morning” to those individuals who’ve struggled with loved ones addicted to drugs or alcohol. The people who have the love and patience to stand by the addicts’ side throughout their battle with addiction.

So often, we (bloggers) write about the pain and suffering of the addict, but we skip over the damage we’ve inflicted upon our friends, loved ones, employers, and everyone else in our lives.

For those individuals, “Good Morning and Thank You!”

Joseph Shanklin

August 6, 2022

10 thoughts on “Good Morning To Anyone Damaged By Those Who Are Damaged!

  1. This is a graceful contribution received with great honor.

    I stood by, though punishing and bringing me to my knees in heart rendering anguish like none other, I would do it over again 1,000 x 1,000.

    He is now flourishing and a heroic contributor to society. However, even if this had not turned out the case, there was no choice in the matter; I would not/could not let go.

    Only God touched these days of darkness, weeping with my own tears. And upon my pleadings, thru Jesus Christ, the addict was released from the devil’s poison.

    Thank you, Jesus!!!

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