A California school district has suspended its digital library after parents found children (2nd graders) had access to books about sexual assault and pedophilic polar bears.

Here’s a link. One of many.


Our families, more specifically our children, are under attack from an organized network of sadistic pedophile trash. This fruity little club of assclowns runs to the highest levels of government.

I’ll continue to speak this truth. All pedophiles, child molesters, child trafficers, and those who protect them, must and will be executed. This includes anyone who allows pedophile polar bear cartoons into a school system. There isn’t a cure for evil, and even if there was, these crimes are not forgivable. No incarceration. No treatment. A single 9mm round to the back of the head. If this sounds harsh. Well, let’s ask the young victims about the definition of ‘harsh’.

Joseph Shanklin

February 12, 2023

5 thoughts on “California Pedophile School Agenda. Pedophilic Polar Bears Allowed In Digital Libraries For Second Graders.

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