I’ve told people for years, “do not trust people simply because they give off the impression of being a sweet old grandfather or grandmother.” Why is that? Because dangerous people can sometimes grow into very dangerous older people. The difference is they have years and years to improve their criminal behavior.

Years ago, back when I was running amuck, I met an assortment of incredibly spooky people, many of them past middle-aged. A select few of these older individuals were treacherous. A select few of those select few were not only treacherous but unhinged, demented, psychotic, and slightly deranged. The sort of creepers capable of hitting someone in the back of the head with a hammer while the individual is sitting at the dining room table eating their last meal—a meal prepared by the killer. Sadly, everyone in the room may know the victim will die except for the victim, of course.

Dorothea Helen Puente was an American convicted serial killer in the 1990s. Puente ran a boarding house for the elderly and mentally disabled, drugged and killed at least nine, buried the bodies, and then cashed their social security checks. She was nicknamed The Death House Landlady. The story is fascinating. I suggest checking out the link below or doing a search.

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Joseph Shanklin

February, 2023

8 thoughts on “Dangerous People Grow Up And Become Dangerous Elderly People. Do Not Be Fooled By An Elderly Smile.

  1. I know this story well. What a heartless being. People in the world today are beyond evil. And, more than what meets the eyes because things are moving too fast. But I believe that the Lord’s justice is nearing.

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    1. Early today (Saturday), I heard something about a river beginning to dry up in the Middle East. Supposedly, something is beginning to show at the bottom of this river, and some Christians are calling it the tomb of the Four Horsemen. I haven’t done any research on this topic, but it sounds interesting.

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