Sometimes I find myself getting frustrated with the lack of cognizance. I remember there are millions of people who are consciously choosing to live in (with) darkness—choosing a dysfunctional world without boundaries and God. The agenda we are speeding towards with an ever-increasing quickness never before seen in modern history. Am I being dramatic? Hmmmmmmm . . . no . . . I’m certainly minimizing the situation . . . holding back with the intention of keeping the reader from panicking and immediately jumping to another writer.

In a world where evil has been normalized . . . hey . . . maybe that’s the problem . . . evil has been normalized? We’re not far from seeing Houses of Evil Worship on the corner. In fact, they’re already spread out throughout the land. Most people cannot discern a house of evil worship from any other business, but I promise you they’re out there. You can even find them on social media. If someone ever tells you, “we go to a black church.” They’re not talking about skin color.

Or, is it all simply an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie?

Joseph Shanklin

November, 2022

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