Warning, I may have gone too far on this one! Well, probably not.

Recently, alexandria ocasio-cortez aka aoc, attended a protest against the manufacturers of Tape. The sizeable homemade sign she was carrying had been written with a box of crayons and stated:

Stop Killing Ducks Two Make Duck Tape!

The entire event was funded and planned by george soros, a high-ranking member of The Fruity Little Club (aka the swamp). We know soros planned the event because he was at the scene, dressed like a Mallard Duck wearing a rainbow button that read [I Love Trannies].

When aoc felt the handcuffs lock down onto her wrists, she knew something was terribly wrong. She’d been informed by no less than two fruity little club members and one transgender Mallard Duck [george soreass] that cuffs would not be used until their next club meeting, and all she’d have to do is lie like usual.

The arresting Officer could be seen wearing two sets of protective vinyl gloves and a face shield. As he pushed aoc into the backseat of his car, she could be heard yelling, “you’re doing this because you want to have sex with me!” A phrase she is quoted saying often; whenever someone doesn’t agree with her. The Police Officer, an upstanding family man, nearly threw up in his mouth. In fact, everyone within earshot began struggling to keep their breakfast down. Not surprising considering aoc’s reputation and prior convictions listed below.

After being taken to a local Police Sub-Station, aoc was booked for her usual. Prostitution, Bestiality [animal cruelty], Never Speaking The Truth, Driving With An IQ Under 55, Using Abortion As Birth Control, Supporting joe biden, and what most consider to be her most hideous crime of all, Threatening To Reproduce Even If She Was Joking.

When members of the fruity little club go to jail, Law Enforcement struggles to find appropriate housing. Sadly, fruity members don’t usually stay behind bars. When one of the witless wonders does manage to get arrested, special accommodations must be made to house them; someplace to keep them away from those who are considered upstanding citizens compared to fruity little club (FLC) members. Yes, aoc must be jailed separately from Drug Dealers, Thieves, and Violent Offenders. Otherwise, one of these inmates may become offended and file a grievance!

Brutal Parody, of course. 🀣

Joseph Shanklin

July 24, 2022

Nasty Bitch!
If you remember the movie, Devil’s Advocate, this is similar to how I see this evil piece of shit. This pic, and the image below.
Yes, this one right here!

18 thoughts on “Magical Headlines: AOC, Member of The FLC, Goes To Jail!

    1. Well, since they’re probably being financed by people connected to income inequality and bank bailouts, technically, that would be a conflict of interest within the World of Evil Villians! 😊🀣

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