Human trafficking is the slavery of today. Slavery is long from over, and it’s happening around the globe.

Their agenda cannot be achieved without completely destroying our children’s innocence. Unless they can create a generation of entirely Godless, Soulless, Brainless, and IQless [new word] assclowns like themselves, the fruity little club will fail to achieve their shitty little world.

If there’s nobody left to fight back, then it’s over. Apparently, that’s what millions of people want. Our schools should be a safe environment, but instead, we’ve allowed trashy woke clowns, genderless idiots, and dudes dressed up like women to come into contact with kids and attempt to brainwash them. Anyone who allows their child to be subjected to this walking garbage is as guilty as the walking garbage. No young person should be subjected to evil. It falls on the parents to protect their family. No, I’m not hating on the gay community. I’m hating on anyone who would attempt to destroy our children. These clowns need to keep their disfunctional lifestyles to themselves. Just because their damaged by a late night sneaky uncle doesn’t mean they should pass along their trauma. Break the cycle, bitches.

It’s common knowledge all pedophiles should and must be terminated. The idea of treatment or incarceration is ridiculous and a waste of time and money. A single 9mm round will solve the problem and is cost-effective. Anyone attempting to expose our young children to gender identification, woke trash, sex, or pretending to be a different gender should be handled in a similar fashion. I strongly recommend cleaning house and preventing the fruity little club from achieving a generation of complete assclowns like themselves.

Who is the fruity little club? I’ve already written about several of their low-level members. I don’t waste my time with conspiracy theories. This shit is real. Ultimately, unless everyone takes a stand and protects their kids, evil will take them from you one way or another. We’re out of time.

P.S. You don’t have to click LIKE on this post in order to like this post. Fingerprints aren’t necessary. I hope you think about what I’ve written.

Joseph Shanklin

November, 2022

13 thoughts on “Protect Our Children From Evil In School. How Do I Really Feel.

    1. I know about the DOE Spent Fuel Chief being charged with felony theft. biden appointed another clown with no professional skills or experience. This idiot was given the job simply because of his sexual and gender choices. He (Brinton) was caught on camera stealing women’s luggage at an airport.

      Sounds like a typical member of the biden/harris team. Liars, thieves, and criminals.

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      1. Thank you so much dear friend for your kind visit and appreciation also! You are really a very kind hearted person dude!
        Stay happy and Stay Connected dear friend๐Ÿค—โค๐Ÿ’•

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