I’ve written about this subject a few times. Without any doubt, this is how it works, and it all starts during childhood. Small hills eventually prepare us for mountains. Mountains prepare us for more mountains.

One way or another, everyone’s life can be challenging at times. Everyone experiences a loss to some extent. We all have our pain. Sadly, we live in a world where some people begin climbing mountains of pain and tragedy as children. Without question, our pain makes us who we are. Our pain creates us from childhood to the end of our lives. Where would we be without our pain?

The big question is, what do we do with our pain? Do we become that which hurt us, passing the pain on to others throughout our lives? I do not understand this method of living. Why would someone pass their pain and tragedy on to another, particularly a child?

When I look at our world, that’s what I see and feel. An unbroken cycle of anguish handed dow. If we eliminate the predators, nobody can claim, “But it happened to me!”

Joseph Shanklin

May, 2023

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