With Title 42 ending at midnight, Americans living close to our southern border brace for an increase in joe biden’s border chaos. Yes, it can get even worse than it’s been since he’s taken office.

Sadly, the human smugglers, known as coyotes, will say anything to convince desperate individuals and families to pay them in advance. It’s not uncommon for coyotes to abandon people, families, and children in the desert to die of thirst and exposure after payment is made. Women and children are molested and raped as well by this trash, calling themselves coyotes. Bodies can be found littering the countryside and the Rio Grande.

Thousands have died seeking paradise in the United States since joe biden has been in office. Don’t get me wrong, these things have always taken place, but the problem has exploded. Tens of thousands of children have been funneled directly to sex traffickers. The current White House Administration knows all of this, leading me to the conclusion: joe biden knows and wants children to be trafficked and sold into slavery. This is the only explanation for biden’s actions over the past two years. His wife, jill biden, the doctor of nothing, is also guilty. She knows what he’s doing. His entire administration knows what he’s doing and not doing.

Donald Trump did an excellent job securing our southern border before leaving office. Unless a Conservative Republican returns to the White House, this nation is . . . entirely. . . f****d!

Joseph Shanklin

May 11, 2023

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