My Thoughts This Morning [Friendship]

I spent four years of my life preparing to create my new life. Hmmmmm . . . maybe this sounds strange, but it was necessary. I found the path. I chose the path. I stepped on to the path. I realize that it sounds a little dramatic, but in reality, I'm minimizing the situation heavily. … Continue reading My Thoughts This Morning [Friendship]

Bricks [From My Column]

[Copied from my Adams County Drug Court Column] Title: Bricks Drug Addiction is my enemy, and my enemy hates me. More than hate, my enemy desires to strip everything from me, torture me to the edge of death, allow me to recover slightly, and then torture me once more. This is the cycle of addiction … Continue reading Bricks [From My Column]

Magic of Bicycling

I started bicycling five years ago. At first, it was merely a way to travel until I reinstate my driver's license. Little did I know at the time, bicycling can be a way of life. I love everything about bicycles and bicycling. Riding helps with everything that is fitness. Mainly my lower back problems. Riding … Continue reading Magic of Bicycling

Copied From My Column In The Adams County Drug Court Newsletter [October 2019]

[WARNING] Strong Adult Language. Parental Guidance is Suggested. My fellow Adams County Drug Court Clients, I am writing this for you because we are at war. I want you to have plenty of ammunition. I want you to have as many high capacity magazines as you can carry for your upcoming battle against the enemy, … Continue reading Copied From My Column In The Adams County Drug Court Newsletter [October 2019]

Stay At Home Triggers

Last night during a Zoom Meeting, one of the important topics that surfaced was [triggers], the trigger of staying at home during the pandemic. The individual touched on the fact that she was struggling with staying at home because that's precisely what she did during her time of using. Yes, unless someone is still working … Continue reading Stay At Home Triggers

Choosing Sobriety

Last night, while attending a Zoom Meeting for Treatment & Recovery, someone asked me a question. We were discussing a situation I had last weekend involving an opportunity for me to relapse. Everyone who's in recovery is constantly placed in situations of potential relapse, or in some cases, a minor lapse [as some call it]. … Continue reading Choosing Sobriety

Damages [Spring 2019]

This was my first piece last year, the one that started it all for me. Title: DAMAGES Avoiding pain is natural. In fact, that's why it's there. Pain is a signal to the brain informing us that something is wrong. Through our efforts to avoid the uncomfortable we protect ourselves, hearts, minds, and sometimes our … Continue reading Damages [Spring 2019]