My Thoughts This Morning [A Hand Up, Not A Hand Out]

Title: You Can Do This [Taken from The Adams County Drug Court Newsletter] I spend a lot of time thinking about The Adams County Drug Court and the incredible job they do. What a difficult task, identifying drug addicts currently incarcerated who are capable of both completing, and graduating from the program. Somehow I've managed … Continue reading My Thoughts This Morning [A Hand Up, Not A Hand Out]

My Thoughts This Morning [secret lives]

Earlier this morning I woke up thinking about a friend of mine. We've been friends for a very long time. I can count the days I've seen him completely sober on one hand [maybe two]. My buddy is on probation for drugs. Being on probation for drugs, he's required to submit a Urine Sample 3-4 … Continue reading My Thoughts This Morning [secret lives]

Damages [Spring 2019]

DAMAGES Avoiding pain is natural. In fact, that's why it's there. Pain is a signal to the brain letting us know that something is wrong. Through our efforts to avoid the uncomfortable we protect ourselves, our hearts, and sometimes our lives. It's in this way that most people understand and cope with pain. Whether healthy … Continue reading Damages [Spring 2019]

Cross Modal Neuroplasticity [and more]

Hmmmmm...this piece ended up being something completely different than originally intended. 😉 Last year [2019] was a year of undisputable accomplishment. Why is it undisputable? First: Over the next few weeks I'll reach several one year anniversaries, including my sobriety from drugs and alcohol, not being homeless, and becoming a writer. Second: Positive feedback and … Continue reading Cross Modal Neuroplasticity [and more]

Day 1, Thought 1

Day 1, Thought 1 Sometimes I run my left thumb along my left ring finger, just to check to see if it's still there. Of course, my wedding ring hasn't been there for several years. Nearly five years past, not long before I was forced from my home of over ten years, the ring was … Continue reading Day 1, Thought 1

Before I get sidetracked, I’d like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Before I get sidetracked, I'd like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope that all of you, have a safe and fantastic New Year, and I wish all of you many Blessings! Sidetracked... Questions...that's what on my mind as we begin the New Year. Am I prepared? Are we ready? I believe 2020 promises to … Continue reading Before I get sidetracked, I’d like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Merry Christmas Everyone ❤️!

Merry Christmas Everyone ❤️! The end of 2019 is fast approaching, but it's not over yet. There is still time for Connections, Signs, Fantastic Experiences, Synchronicity, and Miracles! I encourage everyone not to waste this last few days, but instead look a little farther, open your eyes a little wider, and pray a little harder … Continue reading Merry Christmas Everyone ❤️!