The Journals [Did Someone Order a Cellphone?]

Like so many other short stories I post here, this may sound too strange to be real. I guarantee this event happened. In fact, it's only rated a five or six on my wierdshitometer! For my life, it was just another day. At the time, I was living in Aurora, Colorado. Aurora in a rather … Continue reading The Journals [Did Someone Order a Cellphone?]

The Journals [Becoming a First Responder]

During my eight years with The United States Army Reserve, I trained as both a Combat Medic and a Heavy Equipment Operator. I did not take full advantage of my military opportunities. Looking back, I regret not doing so. I have spent the past 20 years regretting not becoming a Paramedic. Even now, each time … Continue reading The Journals [Becoming a First Responder]

Enjoying The Wait

Therapy through self-expression, I inscribe these secrets about my life and myself. At times, I feel like I am sending an urgent message directly to the Universe with [Open Immediately] scrawled across the front. Occasionally, I find myself speaking in code to a single soul, though I've displayed the words for all to see. I'm … Continue reading Enjoying The Wait

Love Never Lost

I do not dwell on my pain, but sometimes I write about pain and healing. Pain is vital and necessary. Our pain creates us, and we are our pain. Where would we be without pain and suffering? I believe that everyone has something to turn to during those times of pain and crisis. Possibly a … Continue reading Love Never Lost

Reflection of Self

Recently, I posted something about my Crash Report. [Crash Report] is the name I have given to my Dream Journals. Back in January, I began recording my dreams. The key, of course, is documenting every available detail as soon as I open my eyes. Otherwise, as you undoubtedly know, the dream tends to fade away. … Continue reading Reflection of Self

Careful What You Wish For [Addiction & Recovery]

Unfortunately for the addict, the enemy is addiction, and addiction has unlimited resources. Yes, our enemy has been planning for battle, going to war, and killing addicts since coping skills first came into existence. Like combat, the battle of maintaining sobriety is a fluid situation, and the enemy [addiction] is watching every move we make, … Continue reading Careful What You Wish For [Addiction & Recovery]

Deadly Path of The Overachieving Addict

Deadly Path of The Overachieving Addict One of the drawbacks of being an overachiever is that it applies to everything within one's life. In the case of addiction, the ability to overachieve can be dangerous, lead to incarceration, or in many cases, early death. The problem lies within the person's wants and needs for more … Continue reading Deadly Path of The Overachieving Addict