The Transfer Series, Introduction & Part 1

The Transfer Series, Introduction & Part 1 Introduction Upon completion of 'Another Bus Ride', I immediately had regrets and came very close to going back and changing the entire story. Not because of inaccuracies, or untruthful details, but because I'd omitted the majority of the emotional difficulties associated with empathic connections. If you've read 'Damages … Continue reading The Transfer Series, Introduction & Part 1

The Sober Life,

I decided that I'd rather write these words here, to you, then on Facebook or anywhere else. I need to place them somewhere. I'll keep it short. After seven months of living in a Sober House, then moving out and into a three-bedroom house, finally renting free and clear, like a grown-up, I might go … Continue reading The Sober Life,

Universe University, Not One Tear

To Myself, When I woke up this morning and made the discovery, nothing, not one tear. It happened just as I had expected, and all of the signs had warned me of. The knowing and the seeing can at times still seem like a curse instead of a necessary discerning qualifier. It's not that I … Continue reading Universe University, Not One Tear

Life Has a Design

MM I started the new millennium by transforming, the first time. The year 2000, the Universe had a resolution for me, life has a design, everything prepares us for what's next. It's no longer there, but 20 years ago, on the corner of Washington Street and 92nd Avenue in Thornton Colorado, there used to be … Continue reading Life Has a Design

Still Making Excuses

It's been very difficult, not posting on my blog each and every single day for the last week or two. But here's the thing, it's my love of writing that's been keeping me from writing. For the last couple of weeks I've been spending the majority of my time complying with the terms of my … Continue reading Still Making Excuses

Universe University Series, More or Less

A few months ago, while sitting in one of the groups that I attend, I made this statement. The more that I know, the less I know, and I can prove it right here and now, on paper is necessary. Everyone in the room braced themselves, gave me a certain look, maybe expecting me to … Continue reading Universe University Series, More or Less