Found In The Translation [December 4, 2019]

Several months ago I began following blogs of many languages. This diversity has been an enlightening and powerful experience! I now ask myself this question. Why did I wait so long? I've always lived a life of racial diversity, from the Native American Reservation that I was raised on, to the two women that I … Continue reading Found In The Translation [December 4, 2019]

Searching For An Editor

I'm reaching out to the WordPress Community for help finding an Editor for my Novel. I'm hoping to find someone who's based in the Denver Metro Area. If you know of anyone, please contact me or send them my information. Thank You Joseph Shanklin I'm reaching out to the WordPress Community for help finding an … Continue reading Searching For An Editor

Novel Update [123k Words]

After nearly one year of investing every minute possible into my book(s), I've nearly finished with the first draft. As of this morning, my word count total is 123,000. By the time I finish he final chapter, Books 1 & 2 will total approximately 150,000 words. What a life-changing journey it's been. Joseph ShanklinFebruary 24, … Continue reading Novel Update [123k Words]

Day 1, Thought 1

Day 1, Thought 1 Sometimes I run my left thumb along my left ring finger, just to check to see if it's still there. Of course, my wedding ring hasn't been there for several years. Nearly five years past, not long before I was forced from my home of over ten years, the ring was … Continue reading Day 1, Thought 1