Two Days of Mayhem

For the past two days, a Winter storm has delivered snow, wind, ice, and poor driving conditions to the Denver area. The highways and side streets were snow-packed mixed with black ice, a dangerous combination anywhere, particularly in a heavily populated city such as where I live and work, Denver, Colorado. My job requires me … Continue reading Two Days of Mayhem

Learning The Value of a Dollar [Teenagers]

I can still remember the day that one of my two older sisters broke the terrible news to me that we were poor. I do not remember the entire conversation, but I can still hear my sister's voice saying, "we're poor!" I began to argue the fact, but my other sister chimed in and validated … Continue reading Learning The Value of a Dollar [Teenagers]

Traffic Lights

Following the path can be compared to timing green traffic lights. If you continue to hit red lights, it may be time to consider taking a right or a left. Pictured: During the Summer, I was nearly bitten by a Rattlesnake. The snake was beneath the sign. It's important to get the sign right. Joseph … Continue reading Traffic Lights

My Thoughts This Morning [I Can See Where I’m Going]

We have an incredible ability to achieve our goals and dreams. It's inside all of us, and we simply have to make the choice. Only you can stop you. Three years ago, if anyone would have said to me, "you're going to build a new life for yourself. Between now and then, you will set … Continue reading My Thoughts This Morning [I Can See Where I’m Going]

Relapse Prevention Tools [Buying Time]

Last night during my Friday evening Drug Therapy Zoom Meeting, someone opened up about a recent drug relapse. I wanted to share what I told the gentleman last night. Once a person has decided to use, sometimes the outcome may be altered if they can buy themselves some time. We need to delete and erase … Continue reading Relapse Prevention Tools [Buying Time]

Graduation Day

Today was an incredibly important day for me. This afternoon, I graduated from an Outpatient Drug Therapy Program. If you have not read those posts, I've been in treatment for the past two years. During these last two years, I have built an incredible new life and made a few fantastic accomplishments. I have started … Continue reading Graduation Day

The Journals [Did Someone Order a Cellphone?]

Like so many other short stories I post here, this may sound too strange to be real. I guarantee this event happened. In fact, it's only rated a five or six on my wierdshitometer! For my life, it was just another day. At the time, I was living in Aurora, Colorado. Aurora in a rather … Continue reading The Journals [Did Someone Order a Cellphone?]

The Journals [Becoming a First Responder]

During my eight years with The United States Army Reserve, I trained as both a Combat Medic and a Heavy Equipment Operator. I did not take full advantage of my military opportunities. Looking back, I regret not doing so. I have spent the past 20 years regretting not becoming a Paramedic. Even now, each time … Continue reading The Journals [Becoming a First Responder]

Enjoying The Wait

Therapy through self-expression, I inscribe these secrets about my life and myself. At times, I feel like I am sending an urgent message directly to the Universe with [Open Immediately] scrawled across the front. Occasionally, I find myself speaking in code to a single soul, though I've displayed the words for all to see. I'm … Continue reading Enjoying The Wait