The Warehouse, Part 8

The tour continued, the darkness continued, the overwhelming knowing continued, we were not alone. I feel the same now as I did then, the queen had slipped up, getting turned around in the maze of rooms, doorways, hallways, and spray paint. She did not intend to include this room on my tour. The mistake didn't … Continue reading The Warehouse, Part 8

Still Making Excuses

It's been very difficult, not posting on my blog each and every single day for the last week or two. But here's the thing, it's my love of writing that's been keeping me from writing. For the last couple of weeks I've been spending the majority of my time complying with the terms of my … Continue reading Still Making Excuses

Universe University Series, More or Less

A few months ago, while sitting in one of the groups that I attend, I made this statement. The more that I know, the less I know, and I can prove it right here and now, on paper is necessary. Everyone in the room braced themselves, gave me a certain look, maybe expecting me to … Continue reading Universe University Series, More or Less

Street Light Phenomenon (smoke follows beauty again)

Earlier today I posted something titled Smoke Follows Beauty. If you were to research the term, you would discover this. There are people in this world that tend to get smoked out. Yes, the smoke from, say a campfire, will follow them no matter where they sit. And, there's more! The same people, the people … Continue reading Street Light Phenomenon (smoke follows beauty again)

Smoke Follows Beauty

Flashback to my childhood. My mother, my sisters, and I were sitting around a fire somewhere on a relatives property. Me: Mommy, why won't it leave me alone? My Mother: Because honey, Smoke Follows Beauty. Me: What, mommy what does that mean? Who's the beauty, what beauty? Why does the smoke go everywhere I go? … Continue reading Smoke Follows Beauty

Universe University

INTRODUCTION I think it's safe to say that we've all been to school. Now a question. How many of us have gone to school for four years without planning to do so? Literally made a spontaneous decision to step on to an educational path and done so that day and at that precise moment? If … Continue reading Universe University

The Warehouse, Part 1

INTRODUCTION As I stated in a previous blog post, my life has been a rollercoaster ride of near-death experiences (1). This is one of those stories. The name of the woman from this story has been changed. Everything else is a complete work of non-fiction. Spring 2019, Union Station Denver Colorado. Three years ago, and … Continue reading The Warehouse, Part 1


The 2nd posting, with an introduction. Damages part first piece of writing. This is where it all began for me. What matters most, my beliefs, my passions, and yes, of course, all of the pain and tragedy that has been my life came together as my thumbs tapped along on my phone into a … Continue reading Damages