Happy Easter 2022

I'd like to take this opportunity to say, "Happy Easter, everyone." My thoughts this morning after one cup of coffee. Everyone worships something. Everyone places something at the top of their pyrimid. Whether we choose to worship God, Science, Money, War, Politics, Ourselves, or . . . well . . . there are so many … Continue reading Happy Easter 2022

Sober Is Power

At this very moment, all across the globe, men and women are walking out on their families for drugs and alcohol. Mothers and fathers have been abandoning their kids for dope since the beginning of dope. Dopes on dope leaving to score dope from dopes. I used to be that foolish dope. It's been a … Continue reading Sober Is Power

Acquiesce To Recovery

Re-Posted from December, 2021. The following was copied from my column. I write for a treatment newsletter in Colorado. Close your eyes and allow your mind to scroll back to the past, back to the world of drugs and crime. Whether last month or last year, let's journey back to the inescapable emptiness of getting … Continue reading Acquiesce To Recovery

Community of Faith

As a family, we split our Sunday Church Service between several different locations. Like most major cities, the Houston area is home to a diverse variety of faiths and religions. Today we're attending The Community of Faith [COF]. It's close to home, and does a great job at delivering a message. Joseph Shanklin March 13, … Continue reading Community of Faith

My Thoughts This Morning [All Things Are Possible]

I finished high school more than 30 years ago. I remember having English classes during the first and fourth periods. I failed English classes because I rarely attended English classes. I rarely participated in English Class because I either didn't show up for school until lunchtime, or I left after lunch and didn't return to … Continue reading My Thoughts This Morning [All Things Are Possible]

When Did The Rodeo Become A Western Fashion Show?

We're spending this evening at the Houston Rodeo. Once again, I expect to see a sold out event; the Rodeo and the Jon Pardy Concert. The NRG Stadium seats more than 70,000 people. Wow, that's a whole lotta boots and hats! Even though I grew up in Montana Cowboy County, my family prepped me in … Continue reading When Did The Rodeo Become A Western Fashion Show?

Houston 2022 World Championship BBQ Cook-off

We live in a world of relationships and networking. Without question, there are benefits to being approachable, personable, and . . . well . . . nice to people. [Honest and Dependable] will go a long way towards relationship building. When asked to transport a BBQ Pit from Hempstead to Houston two weeks ago, I … Continue reading Houston 2022 World Championship BBQ Cook-off

It’s All Just Noise

Sooooooo many people are afraid of silence, scared to listen to their thoughts. The sound of the world seems to frighten them into a state of panic. I wonder, what are they afraid of? Possibly, their own voice. When I was much younger, I would fall asleep while watching television. Over the years I've discovered … Continue reading It’s All Just Noise

I attended The Trump Rally In Conroe, Texas [Re-Post]

I'm re-posting this piece from January because democrat politicians claim Republicans don't want President Donald Trump to run for office in 2024. Hmmmmmmm . . . nope. They're terrified he'll run for President because they know he will win against biden. Original Post: For obvious reasons, I don't usually post anything political on my Blog. … Continue reading I attended The Trump Rally In Conroe, Texas [Re-Post]

Careful What You Wish For [Edit & Re-post From October 2019]

For those with addiction issues, maybe you've heard or said this before, "No matter what I do, the drugs always find me!" Yes, that's precisely what happens and exactly how it works. Even if the addict stays away from the people from their past and avoids creating new relationships with drug users, the drugs will … Continue reading Careful What You Wish For [Edit & Re-post From October 2019]