WWW…World of Writing of Women.

I've been working on my [first] novel for about six months. I haven't done a complete page count, but I can safely estimate my progress at 100-120 pages so far. Like most books, my book has many characters, male and female. Of course, that didn't surprise me. It takes a lot to surprise me, in … Continue reading WWW…World of Writing of Women.

The Sober Life,

I decided that I'd rather write these words here, to you, then on Facebook or anywhere else. I need to place them somewhere. I'll keep it short. After seven months of living in a Sober House, then moving out and into a three-bedroom house, finally renting free and clear, like a grown-up, I might go … Continue reading The Sober Life,

Universe University, Not One Tear

To Myself, When I woke up this morning and made the discovery, nothing, not one tear. It happened just as I had expected, and all of the signs had warned me of. The knowing and the seeing can at times still seem like a curse instead of a necessary discerning qualifier. It's not that I … Continue reading Universe University, Not One Tear

Painful Adjectives

Physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury. This is the definition of one particular noun. The noun in question. Pain. A word or phrase naming an attribute added to or grammatically related to a noun to modify or describe it. This is the definition of an adjective. Okay please stay with me, I'm … Continue reading Painful Adjectives