Sports Trumps Quarantine Around Here

When the second resident from the house tested positive for Covid, I wasn't surprised. This time, the unfortunate one resides on the second floor of the house. We'll call him [case #2]. Well, #2 slept for about four days. I was under the impression he'd be quarantined, similar to my roommate. Several residents had spoken … Continue reading Sports Trumps Quarantine Around Here

Summer of Giant Crickets [Re-post]

I cannot resist. It's time to re-post the Giant Cricket Story. Keep in mind; this tale is 100% true. The Journals Summer of Giant Crickets Truth can easily be as strange or stranger as fiction. Much of what I've experienced throughout the rollercoaster ride would overload the average wierdshitometer. This event took place approximately five … Continue reading Summer of Giant Crickets [Re-post]

The Answer Is Always Yes

Throughout my adolescence, my mother told me I could be anything and all things were possible. She was correct; God rest her soul. Even though we must all struggle, these things are certainly true. The path will be cleared of obstacles. Assistance is forever available. The answer is always yes. Unless 'we' impede our way, … Continue reading The Answer Is Always Yes

Sleight of Hand

Imagine yourself rolling down the street with a friend. You are the passenger, and you're cruising through a residential area. You begin to perceive a slight uncertainty within the vehicle. Your friend's mannerisms transform into moderate anxiety. You can feel it coming; the car is approaching someone or something. Then it happens. The driver points … Continue reading Sleight of Hand

The 1859 Carrington Event

The 1859 Carrington Event. On September 1, 1859, a mighty geomagnetic storm slammed into Earth. Telegraph lines became electrified and set offices ablaze in Europe and North America. The events were observed and recorded by British Astronomers Richard Carrington and Richard Hodgson. A similar solar storm missed Earth's orbit by nine days on July 23, … Continue reading The 1859 Carrington Event