Graveyard Phobia, Coimetrophobia & The Boogeyman

Throughout history, graveyards have usually made people nervous and scared. Maybe their fears are rooted in our ancestors superstitious, and at times backwards way of thinking. Have years of horror flicks altered the way people view cemeteries? Or possibly, humans are hardwired to dislike hollowed ground and the resting places of the dead. Wherever these … Continue reading Graveyard Phobia, Coimetrophobia & The Boogeyman

Deadliest Jobs In American

2019 Job Fatality Numbers Firefighters 8 Police 86 Truck Drivers 1005 By far, Truck Drivers experience the most fatalities each year in the United States. Although, if we're talking percentages, Logging Workers comes in first at 97.6 per 100,000. Truck Accidents cause more than 4,000 deaths each year. Driver Fatigue is the leading cause of … Continue reading Deadliest Jobs In American


Pictured; What do you see? For the past 20 years, I've been laboring on a project that few would spend time doing. I've been learning how to turn down the area of my brain that controls discernment. Yes, working at not seeing more than I have to see. Please hang in there. I'm not kidding. … Continue reading Snapshots

The Dam Is Breaking

For centuries, the Dam has been eroding. Beneath the surface, dark forces have worked tirelessly to seek out and exploit any and all possible structural weaknesses. Fueled by an agenda of madness, time and pressure have been fashioned into a weapon. The enemy will never lay down it's sword. The city beneath the towering structure … Continue reading The Dam Is Breaking

The Summer of Giant Crickets [Re-post] [Journals]

It's time to re-post the Giant Cricket Story. Keep in mind; this tale is 100% true. No matter how crazy it sounds. It happened. The Summer of Giant Crickets! Truth can easily be as strange or stranger as fiction. Much of what I've experienced would overload the average individual's wierdshitometer. This event took place during … Continue reading The Summer of Giant Crickets [Re-post] [Journals]

Universal Synchronicity [To Be Or Not To Be]

Maybe you've heard or said, "anything so difficult isn't meant to be?" Or, possibly, "everything just fell into place?" Whether we're talking about a complicated project or something as basic as driving to the local supermarket, when things don't go as planned, it's natural for people to blook for an explanation and ask questions. Questions … Continue reading Universal Synchronicity [To Be Or Not To Be]