Happy Thanksgiving 2021

I have so much to be thankful for; if I begin making a list, I'll be late for dinner. The shortlist: I thank God and my sobriety for everything. I hope and pray all of you to have a fantastic holiday. Thank you all for helping me read and write my way through the past … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving 2021

Driving Habit Diversity

For many years, people from all around the nation and the world have been migrating to the Denver area. From Fort Collins to Colorado Springs, the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains has been filling up with various cultures. I've always been a fan of diversity. As cities go, Denver isn't all that big. I … Continue reading Driving Habit Diversity

Panhandlers & Addiction

Pictured: A small pile of pre-made ready-to-go signs. We've all seen them, those individuals who spend their days asking strangers for money. Some stand outside the store, asking for change. Others hold a cardboard sign and sit or stand along an intersection or highway offramp. And a few roam from parking lot to parking lot, … Continue reading Panhandlers & Addiction

Sports Trumps Quarantine Around Here

When the second resident from the house tested positive for Covid, I wasn't surprised. This time, the unfortunate one resides on the second floor of the house. We'll call him [case #2]. Well, #2 slept for about four days. I was under the impression he'd be quarantined, similar to my roommate. Several residents had spoken … Continue reading Sports Trumps Quarantine Around Here