Reflection of Self

Recently, I posted something about my Crash Report. [Crash Report] is the name I have given to my Dream Journals. Back in January, I began recording my dreams. The key, of course, is documenting every available detail as soon as I open my eyes. Otherwise, as you undoubtedly know, the dream tends to fade away. … Continue reading Reflection of Self

My Thoughts This Morning [Seeing Who They Are]

I find myself thankful for so many things. During the shutdown, I was grateful for having an essential job in the world of infrastructure. During the Spring of 2019, I decided to stop being a Culinary Chef. If I hadn't made that change, I undoubtedly would have been sitting home. These days, people are paid … Continue reading My Thoughts This Morning [Seeing Who They Are]

Dream Journaling, The Crash Report

Shortly after the beginning of 2020, I began a new experiment. I started journaling my dreams. I don't have a background in dream analysis [sounds cool], and I'm not even close to being an expert on the subject. Besides doing some research on lucid dreaming in hopes of learning more about myself, I haven't sat … Continue reading Dream Journaling, The Crash Report