Morning Sledgehammer Scare

Last week while on patrol, I rolled up on a small car parked on the shoulder. The hood was up, and the driver was walking around and talking on his cellphone. After a short conversation, I discovered the vehicle stalled out while driving, so he'd pulled over to the shoulder. Unfortunately, the man locked his … Continue reading Morning Sledgehammer Scare

From Flat Tires To Felony Theft

Once more, my job is rarely boring. Yesterday was Friday, and like most Fridays, I spent the day rolling from one highway crisis to another. Crashes, Disabled Vehicles, and other miscellaneous problems had our drivers working tirelessly for most of the day Around 2:30 PM, I received a call to move a vehicle to safety. … Continue reading From Flat Tires To Felony Theft

Responding To Crime In Denver

There were 104 murders in Denver during 2020. Crime here in The Mile High City is out of control. The metro area has become a Mecca for stolen cars and trucks. I recently spent ten weeks towing Stolen/Recovered Vehicles to The Denver Impound. Criminals are not being held in jail or given a bond. Instead, … Continue reading Responding To Crime In Denver

The Journals [Becoming a First Responder]

During my eight years with The United States Army Reserve, I trained as both a Combat Medic and a Heavy Equipment Operator. I did not take full advantage of my military opportunities. Looking back, I regret not doing so. I have spent the past 20 years regretting not becoming a Paramedic. Even now, each time … Continue reading The Journals [Becoming a First Responder]

Cheering For The [Blue] Underdog

For nearly two years, I've been building a new [sober] life for myself. I've had as much as ten years sobriety before, but this is the first time I have known with complete absolution, that I do not have any desire to self-medicate. If you would have asked me two years ago how I felt … Continue reading Cheering For The [Blue] Underdog