Deadliest Jobs In American

2019 Job Fatality Numbers Firefighters 8 Police 86 Truck Drivers 1005 By far, Truck Drivers experience the most fatalities each year in the United States. Although, if we're talking percentages, Logging Workers comes in first at 97.6 per 100,000. Truck Accidents cause more than 4,000 deaths each year. Driver Fatigue is the leading cause of … Continue reading Deadliest Jobs In American

The Truth Will Set You Free [Even While Driving]

The Truth Will Set You Free As I've written before, my job is never dull. Anything that can happen on the Interstate Highway happens while I'm at work. I've witnessed Horrific Accidents, Car Fires [The CarBQ], Medical Emergencies, Stolen Vehicles, and too many Deer lying on the shoulder. The danger is never-ending and tends to … Continue reading The Truth Will Set You Free [Even While Driving]