If I Died Today, Have I Paid For My Sins?

I am 52 years old. Of those 52 years, I used street drugs for 11 years. Following my first divorce from 1997 to 2003. And, after my second divorce from 2015 to 2018. Both periods of drug abuse ended with a conviction for drug possession. The first [two charges], resulted in a community corrections sentence, … Continue reading If I Died Today, Have I Paid For My Sins?

Damages [Spring 2019]

DAMAGES Avoiding pain is natural. In fact, that's why it's there. Pain is a signal to the brain, letting us know that something is wrong. Through our efforts to avoid the uncomfortable, we protect ourselves, our hearts, and sometimes our lives. It's in this way that most people understand and cope with pain. Whether healthy … Continue reading Damages [Spring 2019]

Copied From My Newsletter Column

Once more, I'm writing this to you—the addict in need of a message. I'll keep it short. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been tested again and again. As expected, not everyone has passed the test of sobriety. A large percentage of Adams County Drug Court Clients have relapsed. This is the journey … Continue reading Copied From My Newsletter Column

Bricks [From My Column]

[Copied from my Adams County Drug Court Column] Title: Bricks Drug Addiction is my enemy, and my enemy hates me. More than hate, my enemy desires to strip everything from me, torture me to the edge of death, allow me to recover slightly, and then torture me once more. This is the cycle of addiction … Continue reading Bricks [From My Column]