Blessings All Around Us

Without question, the Global Pandemic has brought pain and suffering to millions of people around the world. I would never attempt to minimize or dismiss what others have experienced. Furthermore, I do not want to come across as [rubbing salt in the wounds of the injured]. That said, I believe we should all stop, sharpen … Continue reading Blessings All Around Us

Struggle Within Us All

Over the past two years, I've dedicated quite a few hours to writing about; the selfish World we live in, Self-improvement, and taking ownership of our actions. Most recently, I've shared a few stories from my place of employment. As you can imagine, Patrolling the Interstate Highways for a living gives me ample time to … Continue reading Struggle Within Us All

Three White Buildings [Re-posted From July, 2020]

Vision Series Three White Buildings [Re-posted From July 2020] Up until the age of 19, I lived on a Native American Indian Reservation in Northwestern Montana. The small town is named Polson, and it's on the southernmost shore of Flathead Lake. Nearly 30 miles long and 400 feet deep, Flathead Lake, is a natural lake … Continue reading Three White Buildings [Re-posted From July, 2020]

The Journals [Did Someone Order a Cellphone?]

Like so many other short stories I post here, this may sound too strange to be real. I guarantee this event happened. In fact, it's only rated a five or six on my wierdshitometer! For my life, it was just another day. At the time, I was living in Aurora, Colorado. Aurora in a rather … Continue reading The Journals [Did Someone Order a Cellphone?]

Deadly Path of The Overachieving Addict

Deadly Path of The Overachieving Addict One of the drawbacks of being an overachiever is that it applies to everything within one's life. In the case of addiction, the ability to overachieve can be dangerous, lead to incarceration, or in many cases, early death. The problem lies within the person's wants and needs for more … Continue reading Deadly Path of The Overachieving Addict

Damages Part II [The World is a Serial Killer]

Damages Part 2, The World Is A Serial Killer Please sit back, relax, and do your best to keep an open mind. In order to get the most out of what you're preparing to read, you will need to try and empathize with someone who's empathizing. It's Friday morning, and you've just arrived at your … Continue reading Damages Part II [The World is a Serial Killer]

Damages Part I, Re-posted August 2019

Title: DAMAGES Avoiding pain is natural. In fact, that's why it's there. Pain is a signal to the brain, informing us that something is wrong. Through our efforts to avoid the uncomfortable, we protect ourselves, hearts, minds, and sometimes our lives. It's in this way that most people understand and cope with pain. Whether healthy … Continue reading Damages Part I, Re-posted August 2019

Damages Part III [Empath] Re-posted

Re-posted from August 1, 2019. The necessity of pain, what would we be without it? We will never know. Our pain creates us. Like most of what I write, this piece comes from my heart. And why is that? Because of past, present, and future. With every breath and every heartbeat, my pain moves with … Continue reading Damages Part III [Empath] Re-posted

The Empath [Painful Connections]

Last night before bed, I watched a movie on Netflix titled Frozen Ground [2013]. The film is based on a true story. Robert Hansen is a serial killer who brutally raped and murdered between 17 to 21 women in the late 1970s and early 1980s in Alaska. Pictures of the murdered women are shown at … Continue reading The Empath [Painful Connections]