The Tomato Plant [Re-post]

Not an excerpt. Simply a conversation between two characters from my Novel. After a quiet dinner, Soloman and Shelby walked the path to the treeline and back, where they dropped into the loveseat on the porch. Only one hour past sunset, the temperature had already dropped by nearly twenty degrees. Soloman leaned over and kissed … Continue reading The Tomato Plant [Re-post]

Novel Update [123k Words]

After nearly one year of investing every minute possible into my book(s), I've nearly finished with the first draft. As of this morning, my word count total is 123,000. By the time I finish he final chapter, Books 1 & 2 will total approximately 150,000 words. What a life-changing journey it's been. Joseph ShanklinFebruary 24, … Continue reading Novel Update [123k Words]

Bella In Ogni Modo [ Intervallo ] [ Intermission ]

As I edge closer towards the end of this chapter, I've decided to take a few days off from Shelby, and post a few additional pieces of writing. My pen [fingers & thumbs] never rests, and I find myself in a constant state of researching, writing, and of course reading. This is the life I've … Continue reading Bella In Ogni Modo [ Intervallo ] [ Intermission ]

Beautiful In Every Way [Shelby Chapter] Part 5 of 15

Holding her hand over the phone's receiver, she spoke to herself in painful desperation. "Non posso farlo!" It was at that moment that a idea came to Shelby, a flicker of hope in the back of her mind. Yesterday she had discovered something fantastic, yet slightly terrifying. After placing her cellphone on speaker, she could … Continue reading Beautiful In Every Way [Shelby Chapter] Part 5 of 15