Visions & Discernment [The Oath]

I've always enjoyed stories of Knights and Chivalry. Whether I'm reading a good book or watching a movie, something about these people has ever moved me. Notably, the scenes involving someone being [knighted], and speaking their oaths. I love a proper oath. These days, our world seems to be lacking oaths, vows, and promises. I've … Continue reading Visions & Discernment [The Oath]

My Thoughts This Morning [Honesty Times]

Honesty Times Yesterday, somebody told me they [appreciate my honesty]. Hearing others refer to my ability to speak the truth, write the truth, and think the truth, has been the standard for some time. Once again, I'm not patting myself in the back, I'm simply prepping the reader for the [wammy]. I used to be … Continue reading My Thoughts This Morning [Honesty Times]