Symptoms of a Disease

Over the past eight months, I've had the opportunity to participate in thousands of miles of traffic. My current job as a Courtesy Patrol Driver isn't my first driving position, but it's the most demanding, both physically and mentally.  My workdays are unpredictable and require me to adapt to fluid situations such as Multiple Vehicle … Continue reading Symptoms of a Disease

Wake Up And Be Brilliant [Re-posted From December 2019]

Good morning. I'm re-posting this piece from 12 months ago because it's incredibly important to me. My wake-up process is vital, nearly spiritual in nature. Title: Wake Up And Be Brilliant We all have our morning [or evening] wake-up process(es). Over the past few years, I've developed a theory, a wake-up theory. I've come to … Continue reading Wake Up And Be Brilliant [Re-posted From December 2019]

We Offered Little Resistance

To some extent, most of us have experienced what's known as [the gut feeling]. These feelings surface in the form of hunches, nagging, and all-out premonitions. Maybe you can relate to all of these? Have you ever known something without knowing something? I'm speaking of knowing the answer without doing the work and having the … Continue reading We Offered Little Resistance

My Thoughts This Morning [Actors, Athletes & Politicians]

I can easily compare actors and athletes to politicians. Quite often, people voice their disappointments with a particular professional athlete or movie star. This tends to happen even more around election time. Actors spend their lives pretending to be someone else, but their fans are always surprised to find out that he or she had … Continue reading My Thoughts This Morning [Actors, Athletes & Politicians]