It makes me happy to see people being cautious. That being said, I continue to see quite a few taking things to a level that can be described as [f*****g silly].

Throughout this pandemic, I’ve continued to spend most of my time outside. I’m either working or on a bicycle. Riding 8-10 miles a day keeps me healthy in so many ways. During these extended hours out of doors, I’ve noticed some unhealthy activities.

I recommend that everyone do some research on facemasks. Masks are suitable for some situations and very bad for others. Things like carbon dioxide problems. The forcing of things back into the lungs. Masks are meant to be used when social distancing isn’t possible. While shopping and such. They should not be worn all day!

We come in contact with viruses every day. We are supposed to come in contact with viruses every day. Unless a person is [at risk], it’s best to trust the immune system, not to [try] and sanitize our environments to a level of sterility.

There are doctors out there, people who understand microbiology, who have come forward with the truth. Please look for this truth. I searched for the facts and found the truth.

The media is flooded with lies and deceit. Whenever I need a laugh, I turn on the news, activate the discernment switch, and make popcorn!

Joseph Shanklin

3 thoughts on “Please Be Cautious

  1. A lot of avoiding illness is just common sense. We tell people “wash your hands and don’t touch your face” to avoid colds and flu (which I understand are also coronaviruses), stay away from sick people, and stay home if you’re ill. This is different from colds and flu, but in a lot of ways you can deal with it in the same way. The difference is the face mask, and as you say you shouldn’t wear it all the time, just when you’re somewhere where you can’t distance yourself. You have to get outside and out of the house: staying in can and has made people nuts, and you need the fresh air and vitamin D that comes from sunlight (another great disinfectant). I’m happy you’re getting out…

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