Choosing Commercial Free

Commercial Free I understand the significance of commercials and marketing. Regardless of this fact, I do not give my time away willingly to such things. More than ten years ago, I began muting my television during commercials. I no longer listen to local radio stations. Heck, I even mute the volume at the self-checkout before … Continue reading Choosing Commercial Free

Growing Up On The Reservation [Underground Homes]

Bunkers Around the age of 12 (1980), I began hiking throughout the countryside with my friends. One buddy, in particular, lived in the hills just outside of town. The view of the lake from his house was amazing. I can only imagine what that property is worth today. My buddy and I would walk the … Continue reading Growing Up On The Reservation [Underground Homes]

Life On The Reservation Intro Part II

Before I begin spinning a few [short and tall] tales, I'd like to post a few pieces of background information.  When you think of Indian Land, do you imagine the dessert or a picture paradise? My hometown of Polson, located on The Flathead Indian Reservation, rests on the southern shore of Flathead Lake. Nearly 30 … Continue reading Life On The Reservation Intro Part II

Stories From The Reservation [Introduction]

I decided to turn back the clock and tell a few tales from my younger days. I grew up on the Southern shore of Flathead Lake in Polson, Montana [Pictured]. Thank you for reading. Introduction We have all grown up someplace interesting. Nearly everyone has memories of thrilling childhood experiences, complete with tales of danger … Continue reading Stories From The Reservation [Introduction]

God Is Watching [Re-post]

Regardless of your spiritual beliefs. Regardless of your position on God. How many of us live their life as if God is watching? How many of us make good decisions when there are no witnesses? For myself, I must never stop. Self-inventory is essential if I'm to stay on my path. Joseph Shanklin February 7, … Continue reading God Is Watching [Re-post]

Careful What You Wish For [Re-post From September 2019]

Careful What You Wish For Re-post Unfortunately for the addict, the enemy is addiction, and addiction has unlimited resources. Yes, our enemy has been planning for battle, going to war, and killing addicts since coping skills first came into existence. Like combat, the battle of maintaining sobriety is a fluid situation, and the enemy [addiction] … Continue reading Careful What You Wish For [Re-post From September 2019]

Nearly Smashed At Work

Since adolescence, we've been educated not to play in traffic. So, what do I do? I accept employment requiring me to work in 'live traffic.' So much for making rational decisions, huh. Without question, my job is hazardous. Whether patrolling, assisting drivers on the Interstate Highway, or helping The State Patrol with automobile accidents, I'm … Continue reading Nearly Smashed At Work