Restarting The Journals

Much like everyone, my life has been a rollercoaster of good, bad, pain, love, loss, birth, death, coping, and recovery. Recovery and preparation for what's coming next. Everything we survive prepares us for something else. Well, that's the idea, anyway. Once again, I don't believe my pain is special. Simply put, it's my pain. One … Continue reading Restarting The Journals

Journals [Embracing The Universe Part II Speaking The Words]

Re-posted From August, 2020. As a child, my mother [single parent] implied that all things were possible. Nothing was off the table, and from a young age, I endorsed the fantastic as validated reality. All of that changed during my twenties when I became a professional and started wearing a tie. Suddenly, I decided that … Continue reading Journals [Embracing The Universe Part II Speaking The Words]

Morning Sledgehammer Scare

Last week while on patrol, I rolled up on a small car parked on the shoulder. The hood was up, and the driver was walking around and talking on his cellphone. After a short conversation, I discovered the vehicle stalled out while driving, so he'd pulled over to the shoulder. Unfortunately, the man locked his … Continue reading Morning Sledgehammer Scare

Happy Thanksgiving 2021

I have so much to be thankful for; if I begin making a list, I'll be late for dinner. The shortlist: I thank God and my sobriety for everything. I hope and pray all of you to have a fantastic holiday. Thank you all for helping me read and write my way through the past … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving 2021

Growing Up On The Reservation [Law Enforcement]

Law Enforcement on the Reservation is complicated, and there is no shortage of it. I grew up in a County Seat, so my hometown had an extra share. We had City Police, County Sheriff's Office, State Police, Tribal Police, and because the city was on Tribal Land, the Feds had several offices. All American Indian … Continue reading Growing Up On The Reservation [Law Enforcement]