Merry Christmas Everyone

Tonight I'll be flying to Houston to spend Christmas with my wife and children. I am blessed. The virus cannot stop Christmas! The media cannot stop Christmas! The government cannot stop Christmas! Nothing can stop Christmas! Merry Christmas to you and your family. May this holiday bring all of the joy and blessings that you're … Continue reading Merry Christmas Everyone

Wake Up And Be Brilliant [Re-posted From December 2019]

Good morning. I'm re-posting this piece from 12 months ago because it's incredibly important to me. My wake-up process is vital, nearly spiritual in nature. Title: Wake Up And Be Brilliant We all have our morning [or evening] wake-up process(es). Over the past few years, I've developed a theory, a wake-up theory. I've come to … Continue reading Wake Up And Be Brilliant [Re-posted From December 2019]

Three White Buildings [Re-posted From July, 2020]

Vision Series Three White Buildings [Re-posted From July 2020] Up until the age of 19, I lived on a Native American Indian Reservation in Northwestern Montana. The small town is named Polson, and it's on the southernmost shore of Flathead Lake. Nearly 30 miles long and 400 feet deep, Flathead Lake, is a natural lake … Continue reading Three White Buildings [Re-posted From July, 2020]

My Thoughts This Morning [Beginning Vaccinations]

Our Medical Professionals will be receiving the Covid-19 vaccination soon. I hope and pray this poorly tested vaccine does not have any harmful side effects. The thought of a nation(s) without an adequate medical infrastructure is unfathomable. Well, sometimes, I worry too much. Pictured: Santa's Wonderland, Houston TX. Joseph Shanklin December 17, 2020

We Offered Little Resistance

To some extent, most of us have experienced what's known as [the gut feeling]. These feelings surface in the form of hunches, nagging, and all-out premonitions. Maybe you can relate to all of these? Have you ever known something without knowing something? I'm speaking of knowing the answer without doing the work and having the … Continue reading We Offered Little Resistance

My Thoughts This Morning [Sanitizing Our World]

I can't help but wonder, have we improved our cleaning mannerisms? Are we disinfecting our homes, vehicles, and offices? Are we washing our hands as our hands should be washed? The shelves that stock cleaning and sanitation supplies are screaming, "yes, we're out of Lysol and lots of other shit!" Because we're cleaning and sanitizing … Continue reading My Thoughts This Morning [Sanitizing Our World]