I can’t help but wonder, have we improved our cleaning mannerisms? Are we disinfecting our homes, vehicles, and offices? Are we washing our hands as our hands should be washed? The shelves that stock cleaning and sanitation supplies are screaming, “yes, we’re out of Lysol and lots of other shit!”

Because we’re cleaning and sanitizing at a level never before seen, shouldn’t we expect to impact and reduce everything that is bacterial or viral? Shouldn’t we see fewer cases of the Common Cold?

I’ve noticed something this Fall Season, and maybe you have as well. A significant reduction in coughs, sneezing, hacking, and snorting [gross]. Or possibly, people are scared to sneeze in public for fear of being thrown off the bus or pushed out of the elevator? Either way, I see the upside.

Although, we should keep in mind, “too much of anything can be unhealthy.”

Joseph Shanklin

December 12, 2020

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