Something Interesting [Voyager I & II Today]

Something Interesting In September 1977, NASA launched the twin Voyager Spacecraft to probe the outer reaches of our solar system. Voyager I is clipping along at nearly 38,000 miles per hour and is more than 14 billion miles from Earth. Having taken a different path, Voyager  II is roughly 12 billion miles from Earth. Thousands … Continue reading Something Interesting [Voyager I & II Today]

Damages 3, Flashbacks

The necessity of pain, who would we be without it? We will never know. For those individuals spending their entire life reliving the pain with each pull of a trigger, it can be a never-ending story, not unlike the movie Groundhog Day. (I recommend the movie) Like most of what I write, this piece comes … Continue reading Damages 3, Flashbacks

Damages Part 2, The World is a Serial Killer.

INTRODUCTION Warning, kind of a long read, but worth it... Writing used to be such an unclimbable mountain to me, something that I would never be able to achieve in my life. In fact, I didn't like writing. The love that I used to have for reading has been transformed into a new love for … Continue reading Damages Part 2, The World is a Serial Killer.