Novel Excepts [Chapter VI, Dinner Scene] From 2nd Draft

He could feel them approaching, leaving the guestroom and preparing to open the door into the kitchen. Holding his breath, Solomon's mind counted down the final few seconds. Three . . . two . . . one . . . " [Breathe . . . must breathe], he thought. Solomon's heart raced as Shelby glided … Continue reading Novel Excepts [Chapter VI, Dinner Scene] From 2nd Draft

The Journals [Summer 2014 UFO]

The summer of 2014 seems like a dream to me now. It was the last summer I would spend with my second wife. The following March/April, I moved out of our home. So many terrible things happened that summer. Sprinkled throughout the madness, a handful of memorable moments come back to me from time to … Continue reading The Journals [Summer 2014 UFO]

From Dream 2 Reality

One facet at a time, I've been creating my own Crown Jewel. Fueled by 18 months of sobriety, this project has accelerated as if it were shot from a canon. I'm speaking of the amazing life I started building a few years ago. What began as four years of self-discovery, transformed into multiple stages of … Continue reading From Dream 2 Reality

World of Writing of Women [WWW]

Originally Posted October 2019 Like most books, my book has many characters, male and female. Of course, that didn't surprise me. It takes a lot to surprise me these days, but it happened, and I did it to myself. I fell in love with the characters in my book. Okay, mostly just the women. Okay, … Continue reading World of Writing of Women [WWW]