I’ve already posted something about anthony fauci’s cruelty towards dogs. Whether you learned about his atrocities from my blog or another source, it’s vital for the world to know the truth about this evil piece of shit. In fact, fauci’s evil goes way beyond torturing and killing puppies. He’s always been a monster. Eventually, He’s been creeping around like a troll, selling out Americans since the 1980s.

At some point, everyone must pay for what they’ve done. The following is an example of how The Universe may punish the puppy torturing troll, otherwise known as anthony fauci.

Here’s the link for those who’d like to read my previous post detailing anthony fauci’s atrocities towards dogs.

Anthony Fauci, The Face of Evil. Hide Your Dogs From This POS! Learn The Truth About This Dog Torturer!

I’ll begin by sharing anthony fauci’s titles. This is important because he’s earned every last one of them.

1) Little Bitch

2) The Troll

3) Assclown

5) Chicken Little

6) Dr. Doom

7) The Skunk

Magical Headlines: The Puppy’s Revenge

His eyes were open, but something was terribly wrong. Panic filled the troll’s small and narrow mind, forcing several thoughts to the surface.

[I can’t see anything. Why can’t I move? What is this? What is that smell?]

The troll, anthony fauci, didn’t have claustrophobia, but the space in which it was confined was brutally small, even for a creature of its size. As he struggled desperately to remove his right foot from his ass, the creature heard men’s voices. An even higher level of fear gripped fauci’s simple mind. A horrific stink filled his nose, and sweat streaked down his forehead.

The troll hadn’t realized he was holding his breath until the exhale startled him. A man’s matter-of-fact voice upped his freight level. “Hey, look, the box is moving!”

“Souuuuunnnds like someone’s awake, huh,” a second man added. Compared to the first man, this man sounded cheerful.

The first man replied, “Look what crawled from beneath a bridge.”

Matter-of-fact Man responded, “damn, is the troll really in that little box?”

Cheerful added, “Damn small box. The media tries to say this clown is 5′ 7″ even 5′ 8″ tall. Can’t be more than 5′ 2″ for that box. Maybe that little bitch removed his high heels, huh.”

Both men began laughing. As with the rest of the world, they were well aware of the incredibly hilarious truth. The troll had an nasty secret. That is, anthony fauci wears high heels and women’s clothing when he . . . or she . . . or it is off camera.

The coffin shaped wooden box was lying down flat with the troll naked on his back. He remembered being restrained at some point, but the handcuffs had been removed.

The men opened the box and released the troll. Fauci placed one of his small, girlish hands on the edge of the box, pulled himself up, and peeked out, his black beady eyes swollen from crying like a little bitch.

Until this moment, fauci had thought he was inside, possibly being held within the confines of a dark and featureless basement. Thoughts of the movie Pulp Fiction had entered his tiny mind. He’d gone as far as to ponder the possibility he might end up playing the role of The Gimp. In fact, the troll was hoping for the best. He’d always wanted to act out the Gimp Scene from Pulp Fiction.

The troll sluggishly examined his surroundings. The box was lying on the ground next to a black lifted pickup truck. The tailgate was still down. The two men had used the truck to transport him to a small clearing within a forest of tall Pine Trees. Nothing else could be seen.

Cheerful introduced himself, “fauci, you can call me John, and my associate here is Smith.” The men towered over the troll-in-the-box.

Fauci cleared his eyes and looked at his captors. John was a tall, muscle-bound man in his late twenties. He was dressed in camouflage like a soldier, but his hair was long and in a ponytail. Smith was also a big man with a short military-style haircut. Unlike John, his clothing was all black. Smith looked to be in his thirties. Both men wore a leg-holster with a pistol.

Emotionless, Smith gestured towards fauci, “just keep your naked little monkey ass in that box until it’s time.”

John added, “yes, stay there. Here, take this.” He handed the little monkey ass a bottle of water.”

Fauci began drinking and talking simultaneously, slobbering and gibbering like a clown, “how did I ge . . . ge . . . get here? Why am I here?”

Smith answered with a grin, “you are here to answer to your crimes, anthony fauci.”

John continued, “it’s time you experience the definition of justice. Everyone must pay for what they do. Especially evil trash such as yourself, chicken little. In fact, you are one on a long list of degenerates who have run out of time.”

John looked back at Smith and asked, “now that you see this little worm, do you feel any pity for it? You know, for what’s going to happen here in a few minutes?”

Smith smiled at fauci and then back to John. Hmmm . . . nope . . . not even slightly. The world will not miss this trash one little bit. This is long overdue. And yourself . . . what do you think?”

“I concur. It’s long past time to rid the world of this evil. Although, I see now what this was always about.”

“What’s about, Mr. John.”

“This entire time. All of these years he’s been trying to compensate for that.” As John finished speaking he pointed towards fauci’s groin area and laughed, “Look, it’s like a penis only smaller.”

Smith joined in with his own laughter and replied, “yaaa . . . I wasn’t going to say anything but you’re right. Damn . . . all of these years. All of this madness because this assclown has the pecker of a fucking toddler and absolutely no balls at all!”

A few seconds after Smith finished speaking; a man stepped from behind the black pickup truck. As with the first two men, he was over six feet tall but with much darker and leaner features. Something about this man terrified the troll down to where his soul used to be, and he nearly soiled himself . . . again.

By the time fauci looked from the Dark Man back to the other two, they were already climbing into the large pickup truck. Within seconds, the engine roared to life. Mr. John and Mr. Smith drive away and out of sight.

The troll stood alongside the small, coffin-like box, his hands shaking slightly as he cupped them over his gerbal-sized genitals. Frozen with terror, he stared towards his feet; realizing for the first time that he’d been obducted while wearing red toenail polish. A low, gutteral growl snapped the troll from his pathetic toenail trance. Ever so slowly, he forced himself to look up and towards the source of the growl.

The Dark Man, now shirtless and shoeless, had silently moved 15 feet closer without fauci seeing him. Frozen with fear, the troll looked at the man standing only a few feet away. Something was different. Something was terribly wrong. This wasn’t possibly. The man’s voice brought him back. A low, animalistic sound, unlike anything he’d ever experienced before.

“You have not been drugged Dr. fauci.”

“No, this isn’t possible.”

“I know you believe yourself to be an educated man, but in truth, you know very little about this world.”

“Oh my Goooood . . . this can’t be happening.”

“I’m not going to eat you, but I am going to tear the flesh from your bones and listen to you scream. Only then will my little brothers be avenged.”

[Image downloaded from internet]

Joseph Shanklin

September, 2022

6 thoughts on “Magical Headlines: The Puppy’s Revenge, Anthony Fauci Must Pay For Torturing Puppies

  1. [The first man replied, “Looks like it crawled out from beneath a bridge and climbed into a wooden box.”

    Matter-of-fact Man responded, “damn, is the troll really in that little box?” ]

    Haha. This one got me. 😀

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