Damages Part 2, The World Is A Serial Killer

Written: Saturday June 1st, 2019

Please relax and engage your imagination. In order to get the most out of what you’re preparing to read, you will need to try and empathize with someone who’s empathizing. If that sounds confusing, well then, that might not go away.

It’s Friday morning, and you’ve just arrived at your job. Your so happy that it’s Friday and the workweek is almost over. Just one more shift to go, and then you can make your escape. Damn, it will be so difficult to keep from counting the hours and minutes until the end of the day.

Your thoughts stray momentarily to the weekend just around the corner. The weekend, you can feel it coming. You can also feel today, actually feel that it’s Friday. Damn, does anyone else in this world feel what day of the week it is before they even come close to looking at a calendar? Why are you like this?

It doesn’t take long enough to reach the elevator from your locked car. The clock is ticking in the back of your mind, helping you to keep score between you, and what’s waiting for you inside. Damn, why do you always know what time it is? Why do you always know a lot of things?

You can hear the elevator moving between floors, the doors opening and closing on the next floor. Damn, something’s coming, getting closer, filling your mind. You brace yourself, attempting some kind of barrier, but once again you’re too late. The wave hits you, bringing you back to the parking garage. So much emotion for a Friday morning, what are these people thinking, do they think?

You are surrounded, and completely out of time. Several co-workers have made their way to the same elevator, and have already pushed the button. Wow, these people and their overcharged caffeine crazed early morning madness.

Apparently, another opportunity to practice your breathing exercises. Just breath, breath and you’ll be just fine. There has to be a better way. You realize something during your thirty-second elevator ride, and it brings a warm smile. Elevators, park benches, and bus stops, the behavior is the same: Ha ha it’s all about proper spacing. The morning elevator wasn’t so bad, although, at the end of the day when your brain is awake and firing, you’ll probably take the stairs down to the garage.

Please check back for parts 2 and 3. ❤️

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