Just because the car has been washed and waxed doesn’t mean the inside is clean. The inside may resemble an ashtray.

Just because the lawn is manicured and the curtains are costly doesn’t mean they don’t have cockroaches.

And, even when they come with a smile, he or she may still be concealing an evil, narcissistic personality disorder.

We live in a world of window-dressing and facades. I’ll add this. Nobody’s looking at how well you buffed the rims on your car because they’re too busy worrying about who’s looking at their rims. So, if you’re not manicuring the details for yourself, then you’re wasting your time.

Living in the mountains for most of my life, I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time off-roading with 4-wheel drive trucks. I used to wash, wax, and detail my truck the day before going to the high country. By the time I returned from exploring, hiking, and fishing, my truck would be covered in dirt and mud. It didn’t matter. My time spent preparing my truck was well-invested. I wouldn’t see anyone else during my adventures, but my state of mind was complete. My standards were met.

Joseph Shanklin

August 7, 2022

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